There is a simple fact in Business regardless of what business you’re in. Business’s that connect with their guests on an emotional level enjoy unprecedented success.
Welcome to Hospitalityu!
The founder and CEO of retailu April Sabral has partnered with Hospitality leaders to help you and your team develop critical skills required to lead in the Hospitality Industry.

Hospitalityu learning bursts include:

Videos with audio, text and music (podcast style).
Each video lesson is between 2-6 minutes in length.
Courses have between 3-12 video lessons.
Multiple choice quizzes.
A downloadable workbook with activities to complete.
COURSES include
 Leadership Development and Skill Building such as how to deal with conflict, build a team, manage multiple generations, communication, table service and much more.
Including specialized roles such as:
Table server, General Manager, Front desk and more coming.

Learn online, mobile and desktop friendly, easily accessed remotely.

Due to CV19 we are bringing you a special offer to support your team continue to build skills. We understand the impact of this on your business and because of this are offering what we do best, our courses to help you and your team.
For under $30 you will gain access to over $200 worth of courses untill March 31st 2023.

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Hospitalityu courses

Each course has a printable workbook with activities.
Activities range from multiple choice quizzes and assessments to meeting  
agendas and scripted conversations to practice. All easy to integrate into your daily routine. Work together as a team or individually. Activities built with the following methodology; Reflective, Thinking, Action and Mentorship to make learning easy.

Require access for multiple users? Contact us directly at
Unique codes can be provided for your teams to access courses directly. 

Reporting available if necessary.
To check out all Hospitalityu courses in this offer head to hospitalityu courses